Use Cases

The Hydro Power Plant Scenario

The first use case will be deployed by VETS in Sofia, Bulgaria and concerns the validation of the SPEAR platform on the industrial environment of a hydropower plant.

This use case combines a significant series of unique characteristics such as

a) it represents an example of renewable energy utility, located in the south-eastern Europe,

b) the operation of the VETS plant requires supreme technical skills and knowledge, thus it consists a high technology plant where any vulnerabilities could harm major components of the smart grid infrastructure,

c) in terms of initial cost, the VETS plant required a very high cost of generating hydro-electric power, hence the scenario has increased impact in terms of hardware failures and

d) it constitutes a roadmap in validating the SPEAR architecture towards securing renewable energy smart grid utilities.

Sofia, Bulgaria (VETS)

The Substation Scenario

The second use case will be deployed by SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC and SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC ES on various locations around Europe (Seville/Derio, Spain and Lattes, France) and concerns the validation and evaluation of the SPEAR platform against cyberattacks that target Substation Automation Systems and Remote Terminal Units.

This use case aims to prove the feasibility of SPEAR platform to confront cyber-attacks against RTUs protect operator sensitive data within the control center.

Seville, Spain (SCHNEIDER ES)

Lattes, France (SCHNEIDER)

Derio, Spain (TECHNALIA)


The Combined IAN and HAN Scenario

The third use case will be hosted by PPC in two locations in Greece (Athens and Lavrio).

The SPEAR platform will be validated subject to its ability to detect and respond to cyber attacks in Industrial Area Network (IAN) and Home Area Network (HAN).

The equipment in these areas is designed to aim the grid obtain valuable information about the operation status of the equipment in the IAN and to collect the consumers’ power consumption in the HAN.

Hence, both area are crucial for the grid credibility and reliability.

Athens. Greece (PPC)

Lavrio, Greece (PPC)

The Smart Home Scenario

The fourth use case will be hosted by CERTH in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The goal of this scenario is to perform extensive trials on the SPEAR technologies to smart home and micro-generation scenarios, where IoT devices and multisensorial networks have been already installed, as well as a PhotoVoltaic (PV)system of 10kW for energy production, supporting also demand response strategies and net metering services. The overall aim of is to showcase that SPEAR technologies can safeguard smart grid availability, integrity and confidentiality.

Thessaloniki, Greece (CERTH)