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Machine & Deep Learning on Protecting Smart Grid

Best Paper Award for "Operational Data Based Intrusion Detection System for Smart Grid"

In the era of hyper-connected digital economies, the smart technologies play a vital role in the operation of the electrical grid, transforming it into a new. This new reality introduces severe cybersecurity issues due to insecure, legacy protocols. This work provides an anomaly-based IDS especially designed for the smart grid, utilising operational data from a real power plant.

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Protecting the Smart Grid against Cyberattacks - Can Intrusion Detection Systems be Trusted?

Best Oral Presentation Award for "Trust Management in Smart Grid: A Markov Trust Model"

Over the last years, the threat of cyberattacks against critical infrastructures, especially on power systems, has been significantly increased. Cyberattacks against critical infrastructures are exerting a significant impact on society. Smart Grid is an emerging paradigm that leverages the advancements in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to deliver a novel power generation, distribution, and consumption network.

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Big Data against Smart Grid Threats

Best Oral Presentation Award for "Big Data against Security Threats: The SPEAR Intrusion Detection System"

Smart Grid is a new power grid paradigm that aims to intelligently coordinate the behaviours of all entities involved in energy generation, distribution, and consumption. Smart Grid consists of multiple smart devices that have limited processing capabilities. As a result, conventional attack detection and mitigation mechanisms cannot efficiently protect large-scale deployments.

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