The following is a list of all deliverables available to the public.

You can click on each Work Package (WP) to see the corresponding deliverables.

This list is going to be updated throughout the lifetime of the project, as soon as new deliverables are available.

WP1 - Project Management & Coordination

D1.1 - Project Management Handbook

D1.2 - Project Quality Provisioning & Risk Management Manual

D1.3 - Project Scientific/Technical Plan

D1.4 - Data Management Plan

D1.5 - First Periodic Report

D1.6 - Second Periodic Report

WP2 - Use Case Preparation, Architecture, Security & Privacy Requirements

D2.1 - User, Security and Privacy Requirements

D2.2 - System Specifications and Architecture

D2.3 - Evaluation Strategy

D2.4 - Public Version of User, Security and Privacy Requirements

D2.5 - Public Version of System Specifications and Architecture

WP3 - Cyber Attack Detection in Smart Grid

D3.1 - Initial SIEM System

D3.2 - Multi-factor and Open Analytics Engine for Smart Grid Ecosystem

D3.3 - Open Visual-aided Intrusion Detection System

D3.4 - Node-centric Reputation Models and Algorithms

WP4 - Forensic Readiness and Privacy-Preserving

D4.1 - Forensic Law and Regulations

D4.2 - Smart Network Forensics Specifications

D4.3 - AMI Honeypots and Anti-honeypot Strategies

D4.4 - Privacy-Preserving Framework for Smart Grid Forensic Investigation

D4.5 - SPEAR Smart Grid Database & Interfaces

WP5 - Stimulating EU-wide Consensus and Cyber-Hygiene

D5.1 - Anonymous Repository of Incidents

D5.2 - Protocols, Policies and Interfaces of Cyber Hygiene Framework

D5.3 - EU-wide Consensus Building

WP6 - Integration and Deployment

D6.1 - Integration Plan

D6.2 - Initial Integration & Testing

D6.3 - Final Integration & Testing

D6.4 - Penetration Testing Reports

D6.5 - Platform Assessment and Configuration Report

D6.6 - Public Version of Platform Assessment and Configuration Report

WP7 - Pilots, Validation and Evaluation

D7.1 - Pilot Planning and Guidelines

D7.2 - SPEAR web site, social network pages and open access server

D7.3 - Public Version of Validation, Evaluation and Lessons Learnt

WP8 - Dissemination and Exploitation

D8.1 - SPEAR web site, social network pages and open access server

D8.2 - Plans for Dissemination and Communication

D8.3 - Initial Impact Creation Report

D8.4 - Interim Impact Creation Report

D8.5 - Final Impact Creation Report

D8.6 - Market Analysis, Roadmap and Business Modelling

D8.7 - Techno-economic Analysis and Commercialization Plans