A review of cascading events in the panEuropean electricity network

Figure 1: Anonymisation Techniques

Energy infrastructures are complex systems which have physical, geographical, logical and, finally, cyber interdependencies with other critical infrastructures, e.g. transport, telecommunications, water, agriculture, health, finance, chemical industry and networks supporting the government, central and territorial entities, emergency services, as well as military- and civil defense. A disruption in the normal operation of critical energy infrastructures can have a negative cascading effect on other infrastructures, as well.

In the interconnected panEuropean electricity network, these disruptions can have significant impacts in the adjacent electricity systems, and even lead to a wide area collapse of frequency and black outs. The disruptions mentioned can be caused by human errors, weather events, physical failures on critical infrastructures and cyber attacks. Some significant events that occurred during the last years are presented hereafter.


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