SPEAR at the Open Day Go 4 Green event


In the context of preparations for the Go 4.0 Green Crowdhackathon, the Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy organized in 22nd October 2019 the Open Day Go 4 Green event, inviting startups, programmers, researchers, students and stakeholders to contribute in an open discussion about open data and how they can be used to develop new innovative solutions around green solutions and digital transformation.

The SPEAR project participated in this event, represented by Dr. Konstantinos Stamatakis, Director of the Testing Research and Standards Centre of Public Power Corporation (PPC). Dr. Stamatakis presented the innovative solutions that SPEAR provides through its architecture, towards digital transformation and secured modern smart grids. During the event, SPEAR tried to inspire the audience by providing specific ideas for the hackathon that were based on the AI technologies utilised by the project. Last, the initiatives of European Commission to foster R&D efforts were also presented, like the H2020 framework and the EC Open Research Data Pilot.