SPEAR publication in the prestigious IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are widely deployed to monitor and control critical infrastructures, including transportation, telecommunication networks, factories and power grids. Although, SCADA systems are characterised by severe security vulnerabilities that can expose critical infrastructures to new risks.

Our recent work entitled "A Survey on SCADA Systems: Secure Protocols, Incidents, Threats, and Tactics" provides an overview of the SCADA architecture and the utilised communication protocols, along with specific security incidents and threats. Moreover, an extensive review of security strategies to secure SCADA systems is carried out as well as the current research trends and future advancements are presented.  

The research paper has been published in IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials, the top journal for Computer Science and Electronics with Impact Factor of 22.973, according to Guide2Research.

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