SPEAR in Education Festival 2019


Education Festival is an annual event, organized by IIEK ALFA and the Mediterranean College, that offers more than 140 training seminars on various topics, including Information Technology (IT), financing, management, and engineering amongst others. The seminars are open to the public, upon registration, and are usually attended by students, stakeholders, professionals and individuals that seek specialisation in specific domain.

In this context, on 31st May 2019, a seminar entitled "Smart grids and challenges - The SPEAR project - Transition from conventional to modern power grid" was organised by SPEAR and Public Power Corporation (PPC) and hosted by IIEK ALFA in Athens, Greece. During this event, the concept of smart grids was presented as well as their benefits and the cybersecurity challenges that modern societies face during the transition to smart grids. Moreover, an overview of the SPEAR project was presented focusing on the motivation and the innovation that the project introduces.