The Best Paper Award for the SPEAR consortium in IEEE CAMAD 2019


The SPEAR consortium is proud to announce that the paper entitled 'Operational Data Based Intrusion Detection System for Smart Grid', authored by G. Efstathopoulos, P. Radoglou-Grammatikis , P. Sarigiannidis, V. Argyriou, A. Sarigiannidis, K. Stamatakis, M. Angelopoulos, and S. Athanasopoulos, won the Best Paper Award in the #IEEE #CAMAD Conference (!

The IEEE CAMAD (Computer-Aided Modeling and Design of Communication Links and Networks) is a well-known IEEE Conference, which attracts researchers, scientists, manufacturers, and engineers from all over the world.

The awarded research paper was created by a joined effort of the SPEAR consortium, where industry (Public Power Corporation S.A.), SMEs (0 Infinity Limited, Sidroco Holdings Limited), and academia (University of Western Macedonia) joined their forces for providing a compelling, high-impact, and stemming from real-world data research result in the context of the SPEAR Project.

The awarded paper provides an anomaly-based intrusion detection system, especially designed for the smart grid by utilizing operational data from a real power plant. In particular, many machine learning and deep learning models were deployed, introducing novel parameters and feature representations in a comparative study. The evaluation analysis demonstrated the efficacy of the proposed system in real-world smart grid applications.

You can view and download the paper by visiting the following link: